Houston’s new law requires 10 parking spaces for every parking space

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HOUSTON – After the measure was accelerated by the city council, a new zoning law went into effect this week that requires all developers in Houston to place 10 additional parking spaces for every parking space. “We are committed to implementing urban planning strategies that ensure our community has access to an adequate number of parking spaces for every parking space we pave,” said Mayor Sylvester Turner, cutting the ribbon on a new parking lot as hundreds of pounds of concrete immediately deposited on all sides of him to create the additional spaces required by law. “Previously, we had only allocated five parking spaces per site, and that turned out to be insufficient. For too long we have watched as historic parts of our beautiful city became more and more parking spaces in the way. Meanwhile, we have less than a dozen spots for every man, woman, and child in Houston. That is simply unacceptable.” In press, a second law was passed requiring the construction of 10 parking garages for every square inch of green space in the city.

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