How often should you get a haircut? An expert weighs in

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If you want to keep your hair healthy, go back to the salon every few months. “You should get your hair cut about once every three months to get rid of your split ends,” says Toth. He also recommends making the appointments well in advance and writing them down in your calendar. “It’s important to have a hair maintenance schedule, including pre-booked salon appointments — you’ll never be left behind in the maintenance of your hair.”

If you want to keep your current haircut, ask your stylist how often he recommends you come in for appointments. Depending on the cut you have, the amount of time between trims will vary. “Short pixies should be cut every four weeks; a bob or lob can be cut every six to eight weeks,” says Toth.

For other styles, a good rule of thumb is about two months. “On average, your hair grows half an inch every month,” says Toth. “So if you want to keep the current length, just have your barber cut an inch.”

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