Human Resource Season 2: Miley Cyrus and Florence Pugh voice characters in Netflix series

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“Human Resources,” which has captured viewers’ imaginations with its intriguing storyline and plot twist, will deliver its season finale as the creators are eager to go out with a bang!

Since ‘Human Resources’ featured some of the best voices in the first season, it looks like this trend will continue in the next season as well. With Hugh Jackman’s voice being the main reason for audiences to gravitate to the series, Season 2 is also on the radar for a big hit, including Florence Pugh and Miley Cyrus, who will be lending their voices.

Season 2 of “Human Resources” features some big names!

Since ‘Human Resources’ is the last one, they’ve decided to devote their resources to recruiting some of the most intelligent A-list celebs, including Florence Pugh and Miley Cyrus, two names that really came out in the ‘Human Resources season 2 date announcement.

How season 2 will be the greatest season of all time

Nick Kroll deserves credit for breaking the fourth wall, even in teasers. But in this case, breaking the fourth wall is secondary because there are apparently new people in town, Pugh being the first. We couldn’t agree more when she was hailed as “a great beauty and a great talent; some say the next Meryl Streep.” The enthusiasm doesn’t stop there when they name Cyrus, and the monsters can’t help themselves from asking, “Like in Hannah Montana?” Oh, Connie, we’re just as excited as you are!

Who else should appear in Season 2 of “Human Resources”?

With Florence Pugh and Miley Cyrus joining the cast, the list doesn’t end there. Eugene Levy will create the best atmosphere for the audience with his deep and clear voice, and now the question arises whether he will be a human or a monster.

The cast also includes Sam Richardson and Isabella Rossellini. Jason Mantzoukas, who previously played Jay Bilzerian on “Big Mouth,” will reprise his role in “Human Resources” Season 2. It’ll be fascinating to see if he takes on a new character or returns to “Human Resources.”

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What’s Expected in Season 2 of Human Resources?

The series regulars will also make one final appearance in “Human Resources” Season 2, and the date announcement confirms that Hugh Jackman will return as well.

When is Human Resources season 2 coming to Netflix?

Season 2 of “Human Resources” will be available on Netflix from June 9, 2023.

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