I Tried TikTok’s White Foundation Hack For An Instant “Filter”

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There’s nothing I love more than a good makeup hack. DIY disco eyes? Sign me up. Set up spray hacks to make my makeup transfer-proof? Immediately yes. I’ll try whatever my TikTok algorithm says.

Still, I’m essentially a beauty editor, so I often approach social media trends with a healthy dose of skepticism — and this latest technique is one of them. As explained by TikToker Mireya Rios, this hack uses a stark white foundation or concealer before applying your foundation and the rest of your products. In turn, your makeup should look like a filter. Since I’m a black woman, I’ve never used white foundation on anything in my life let alone applied it to my face in an attempt to perfect my makeup. Still, my curiosity won out and I wanted to try it and got some surprising results.

How To Do The White Base Foundation Hack

The steps for this makeup hack are pretty simple: use a white base, cover it with your darkest foundation, and complete your routine as normal. I chose the Danessa Myricks Colorfix Matte ($18) in the color lift, pure white, and the YSL All Hours Foundation ($60) in the shade DW2.

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To start with, I applied the Colorfix as a base, making sure to blend in sections as it dries very quickly. After making myself look enough like a ghost, I went over it with the actual foundation. At this point, I was still pretty skeptical because my face looked gray at best, but Rios advised you to do the rest of your makeup routine to see the full effect, so I went ahead.

Does the White Base Makeup Hack Work?

I proceeded to add my favorite concealer, bronzer, and blush, and only then did I begin to see some semblance of the makeup look I’m used to. In fact, I really liked the way my face turned out. Would I go so far as to call it a filter? No. There were a few spots on my cheeks that I thought looked a bit grayer than I would have liked, but overall my face didn’t look as spooky as I expected.

Whether the hack works, I would say yes And No. I didn’t notice as much of a blurring effect as I would have liked and as someone with acne-prone, textured skin, that’s definitely what I look for in a true filter. Still, the hack is fantastic if you have a darker foundation that you’ve been trying to use up or are in between shades as you begin to navigate summer travel and tanned skin. So while it’s not something I’d use on a regular basis, this is a useful (and very timely) hack that I will keep in my back pocket for emergency use.

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