Iggy Azalea takes her career to a new level; Join OnlyFans

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The rapper, who joined OnlyFans in January, has now become active on the site taking things to the next level by regularly posting steamy and sensational videos and getting on her profile site.

It is not known whether the VHS tape contains sexually explicit actions or is just a piece of merchandise, but it is already completely sold out online as the hype among users for Iggy grows every day.

Iggy Azalea’s previous meeting about her viral intimate video

Iggy was previously embroiled in an intimate video scandal following the release of her song Fancy in 2014. The Australian star’s ex-boyfriend, Houston hip-hop musician Hefe Wine, was negotiating with porn company Vivid about a possible publication of the shocking film. at the time.

Iggy, on the other hand, denied being the lady on the tape and turned down Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch’s rumored six-figure offer to release it.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the rapper’s lawyers threatened to sue Vivid if they promoted the tape under the name Azalea.

Iggy’s current approach with her OnlyFans page

Iggy is now making millions producing spicy content on OnlyFans. She previously stated that she would never join the racy site, stating that she “didn’t want to produce that kind of thing” in 2021.

However, the Black Widow hitmaker is now one of the most popular celebrity creators on the site, earning over $4 million since launching her account.

She currently charges customers $25 a month, but users have to pay more through upselling to access better content if they want to explore more. Tipping the celebrity $250 will make you a “VIP” for a year, which includes one free exclusive portrait and other unspecified privileges.

Fans are taking to social media for discussion on the matter.

The actress recently responded to critics from her OnlyFans company, claiming that her content wasn’t spicy enough to warrant the $25 per month subscription fee.

In response to a fan on Twitter, the musician stated that she poses nude on the platform, but users have to pay much more than the $25 entrance fee to view it.

“Iggy darling, please show more on your OnlyFans,” one of the fans tweeted. “I’m tired of hearing people complain about your platform.”

Iggy sold her entire song collection to a private equity consortium for an eight-figure sum, making her one of Australia’s wealthiest musicians.

While no explicit sexual acts are involved, Daily Mail Australia can confirm that Iggy’s OnlyFans feed contains a number of racy images and short clips of the hip-hop star.

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