Iranian court orders US and Obama to pay $313 million for ‘terrorist’ attacks

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The court names US entities and officials — including ex-Presidents Obama and George W Bush — as alleging they played a central role in creating and leading ISIL.

Tehran, Iran – An Iranian court has condemned the United States government and a number of individuals and entities, including former President Barack Obama, must pay damages for the 2017 attacks carried out by the armed group ISIL (ISIS).

The capital’s court on Wednesday handed down the verdict based on complaints from families of three killed and six injured in the June 2017 Tehran attacks, according to the judiciary’s official news website.

The building of the Iranian parliament and the mausoleum of the founder of the current Iranian establishment, Ruhollah Khomeini, were the targets of the daylight attack that left a total of 17 people dead.

The court ruled that $9.95 million must be paid to compensate for financial damages, while $104 million and $199 million are moral and punitive damages, respectively, totaling nearly $313 million.

Those convicted in the case include the US government, Obama, former President George W. Bush, Central Command (CENTCOM) and its former commander Tommy Franks, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Treasury Department, weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin and American Airlines Group.

None of the named entities or individuals are believed to hold assets under Iranian control that could be seized, and the court did not say how the order for damages would be executed.

As for why the US is being blamed for the attacks, the website cited comments by US officials about the “fundamental” role the US plays in “organizing and guiding terrorist groups”, news and information published by US media, and books and speeches by U.S. officials about “the CIA’s role in creating terrorist groups,” including ISIL.

The judiciary also acknowledged that the ruling comes in response to numerous orders from US courts over the years that have blamed Iran for “terrorist” attacks, and sought damages from seized Iranian assets.

“As this marks a violation of the Iranian government’s immunity, Iranian courts have also reviewed a number of cases against the US government and officials and made legal decisions and will continue to do so,” it said.

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