Is Katy Perry planning to release new music amidst her legal battle of USD 15 million?

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Katy Perry is gearing up to make a powerful comeback with her new album. However, the singer does not plan to unfold any new music just yet. 

Despite the halt in her career since welcoming her baby girl Daisy Dove in 2020, and also amid the legal battle over the USD 15 million, the Smile singer has reassured her fans that her absence from the music scene is not permanent. 

Reflecting on her musical journey during her interview with Good Morning America, released on August 4th, Katy said “I know that I haven’t put any new material out since my Darling Daisy,” she continued “but I think that I’m writing songs a lot and have written a lot from a place of love, because I’m feeling so much of unconditional love, that I never knew existed.”

But the music will have to wait …

While the singer has assured her fans that she is going to release a new album, but the music will have to wait. As her Las Vegas residency edge towards conclusion, Perry is juggling to strike a balance between her responsibilities. 

Katy is co-parenting her daughter Daisy that she had with her fiance Orlando Bloom. She added “I am constantly engaged in writing songs. However, celebrating the universe of these beautiful songs that I’ve got to build and the responsibility of nurturing my 3-year old is really important.”

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The singer said that her everyday routine mainly revolves around her 3-year-old. She tries to be involved as much as possible like dropping her off at preschool, doing her hair or preparing food for her. 

The USD 15 Million Case 

Perry is currently going through a complex legal overture resonating with a $15 million note. Actually the singer and her fiance, actor Orlando Bloom had bought a USD 15 mil grand mansion in 2020 from an 83 year old man. This narrative took a dramatic twist when the old man decided to take Perry and Bloom to court as he felt he was not in the right state of mind when he sold the mansion. This legal case has been going on for three years and is finally about to reach its conclusion. 


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