Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Sammy makes a comeback after 11 years in season 6 part 2 premiere

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Jersey Shore is back and so is the madness. The reality show’s season 6 part 2 is back with a bang, and the drama is off the charts. In the premiere episode of the season, a noob might think it’s going to be a slow start, as is often the case with a lot of other shows, but fans would know that’s not how the Jersey Shore gang rolls. 

Jersey Shore is back and so is the drama

Jersey Shore Family Vacation has made its return, focusing on the majority of the group now embracing parenthood. Mike, known as The Situation, and his wife Lauren are gearing up for their second child’s arrival. Jenni aka JWoww, Nicole aka Snooki, and Deena hung out discussing Angelina’s behavior following their time in New Orleans. Which leads to more drama between the girls, mostly fueled by one person. 

During the reunion, Angelina shifted her focus towards a new person, Deena. The 37-year-old attempts to pick a fight with Cortese, when she stood up for herself. Interestingly, Farley, who was at the heart of the initial argument, remained seated, which was later revealed was due to her tight dress, and the mom of two didn’t want a wardrobe malfunction to spring up on her in the middle of the fight. Pivarnick who didn’t know this detail at the time was evidently furious at her co-star for not getting more involved.

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The return of Sammi Sweetheart

Pivarnick, who felt isolated because shw believed the girls were against her, led her to text Sammi Giancola, who was an original cast member of the show back when it aired in the 2000s. For the unversed, in 2009, Sammi’s relationship with her boyfriend and co-star Ronnie was tumultuous, involving numerous break-ups and make-ups. But after he was caught cheating on Giancola, JWoww, and Snooki left an anonymous note for her to tip her off, which caused their final breakup, and ultimately led Sammi to leave the show. Now the 36-year-old’s return is seemingly thanks to Angelina. The episode switches between their meeting and Ortiz-Magro talking to Mike. Ronnie admits that his past issues guided him to take a break and focus on his mental health issues.

Meanwhile, the parallel editing hinted at future reconciliation between the two exes who haven’t seen each other in over a decade. 

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