John Cena refuses WWE fans’ wish to shout his catchphrase in a restaurant, provokes discussion

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John Cena is one of the most recognizable faces in the WWE world. He successfully transitioned into the movie world with appearances in Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, but an entire generation still remembers his iconic antics and catchphrases from WWE.

The Suicide Squad star’s catchphrase, “You can’t see me,” is also solid meme material. But the former WWE star wasn’t too happy when a fan asked him to say his catchphrase in front of his TikTok audience.

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How did John Cena respond to his fan’s request?

According to the footage that has gone viral on TikTok, the WWE fan asked the actor to say his catchphrase. The Peacemaker actor was having a private lunch with his friend when he was interrupted. John Cena seemed visibly annoyed and asked the fan to let him enjoy his private time with his friends and not disturb him.

The fan who recorded the reaction quickly apologized and ended the video.

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How did people on TikTok react to John Cena’s interaction with the fan?

The video starring the former WWE star was posted on TikTok by his fans, the video quickly garnered a lot of views and elicited differing opinions from the fans.

Many sided with John Cena saying that the movie star has every right to a private time with his friends. The way the Fast X actor pushed his limits in interacting with fans was also praised by some people on the internet.

Despite some positive feedback, many people felt that John Cena could have granted the fan his wish as it would have made the WWE fan’s day.

There was a section that criticized the approach of the fan in question, they said that if he could have been a little more courteous and smart, John Cena would have granted him his wish, even interacted with him.

A user on TikTok suggested that the fan should have been, “Just go to his friends and say I’m sorry you’re sitting alone,” referencing the famous meme about the star’s catchphrase.

Such an approach would probably have delighted the star, and he would have even appreciated the humor of the situation.

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