Kamala Harris reveals the secret of her silk press to Keke Palmer

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Keke Palmer: the investigative journalist of our time. On June 27, the actor visited the White House to interview Vice President Kamala Harris for an episode of her podcast, “Baby, This is Keke Palmer.” And once the duo started getting questions about Harris’s silk press, let’s just say hilarity ensued.

“How many times a month do you get a silk press?” Palmer asked, waving her own freshly styled hair. But the vice president stated that she doesn’t actually use heat styling tools to get her look, which put Palmer (and us, for that matter) on the floor. “I use a round brush,” says Harris. “A pig bristle [brush] . . . it takes a lot of heat, but it’s just too much to do that and [a hot tool]To that, Palmer said that Harris and another high-profile person known for their silk presses are going head-to-head for the title of best hair. “You and Queen Latifah are neck and neck,” says Palmer. “You give it to her. ”

Social media users have long been in awe of Harris and Latifah’s abilities to keep every bit of hair in place. Some have noticed that even the Vice President’s staff seems to know about the secret, while others have gone full on”wars with silk pressesbetween the two to crown the winner once and for all. Watch the full interview ahead and catch the hilarious soundbite at 22 minutes.

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