Kylie Jenner and Stormi donate toys during a Target run; Fans praise the star for being a good mother

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Kylie Jenner has always been praised for her role as a mother. A recent video the 25-year-old posted to TikTok has fans excited about her being a good mom. Kylie posted a healthy video of her oldest daughter Stormi’s goal run. The TikTok video gets even better when Kylie decides to donate more than a few toys with Stormi.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi donate toys

Kylie recently took to TikTok to post another of Stormi’s Target Run videos. Stormi’s shopping agenda was to buy toys for herself. At the beginning of the video, the 5-year-old chose a few items for herself, but the video quickly took a sweet turn. “She woke up this morning. She said, ‘I want a mommy daughter day.'” Kylie revealed. Kylie shared what their plans were for the day as she said, “So that’s what we’re doing. We’re going to Targét – Target. And then we’re going to get ice cream.”

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In the clip, Kylie and Stormi were seen holding hands as they walked into the store. As the clip progressed, the cart began to fill up. The items the duo bought included sandals, flip flops and a Minnie Mouse backpack. When the video showed Stormi throwing another toy into the cart, Kylie revealed that all the toys in the cart didn’t just belong to her daughter. “I told Stormi if we’re going to get toys we should make a basket to donate,” the beauty mogul shared. The video ends with Kylie kissing her daughter on the cheek as she says, “I’m proud of you, my sweet baby.

Fans react to Kylie and Stormi’s TikTok

In no time, fans were spamming the comment sections praising Kylie for raising Stormi well. One fan wrote, “Kylie takes this W for motherhood.” Another added, “I love how you teach her to be kind and generous by donating.”

A third commented, “I appreciate you showing her the value of donating and helping others.” A fourth fan praised Kylie for teaching her children valuable lessons: “Such a good mama. I can’t. Her upbringing says so much about how she’s going to treat others when she’s older.”

Kylie shares Stormi and her son Aire with rapper Travis Scott. Travis and Kylie have been in an off and on relationship since April 2017. The couple broke up for good in December 2022. Kylie is now rumored to be in a relationship with Dune actor Timothee Chalamet. Fans are speculating that Travis Scott is in a relationship with singer SZA.

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