Lana Del Rey was booed and called ‘unprofessional’ after arriving 30 minutes late at Glastonbury festival

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Lana Del Rey’s headliner at the Glastonbury festival was one of the highly anticipated performances. Fans were thrilled to see their favorite artist perform, but things took a sharp turn after the singer arrived more than half an hour late. Fans became even more upset when her headlining set on The Other Stage was cut short at midnight. Here’s everything you need to know about this.

Lana Del Rey at Glastonbury Festival

Addressing the issue, Lana Del Rey said, “I was so damn late I’m about to rush this set today, if they cut the power, they’ll cut the power. Sorry, it takes so long to do my hair. Let’s run the set as it should, let’s do it!

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After midnight, Lana Del Rey’s microphone was muted and video screens turned off. The audience responded with cheers when the singer removed her in-ear monitors. Viral videos from the festival show the Summertime Sadness singer begging the staff to finish her set despite the technical difficulties.

Even after the stage screens completely blacked out, Lana Del Rey walked off stage and greeted her fans in the front row. She even tried to sing Summertime Sadness with them, but was soon asked to leave the area by security.

For the inexperienced: Glastonbury Festival does not allow music on its two main stages after midnight.

The public was disappointed by the incident, with social media users lashing out at Lana Del Rey for showing up late for her headlining set.

One user wrote: “Being late is so rude and unprofessional and I really don’t care what anyone else says. There’s a reason everything is planned at these events, it’s to make sure all artists get their full set.” Another user commented: “They should start doing this with all the late artists. The title of her next song will definitely be ‘Escorted off stage by security at Glastonbury Festival’.

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