Listen to music, record audio, turn on your phone and more with this $128 gadget

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TL;DR: From May 5, buy this 5000 mAh Battery Pack with Voice-Activated Recorder(opens in a new tab) for $127.99 – a 20% discount.

It’s easy to forget the little details of the day. Whether you forgot to water the plants when you said you would or completely lost the details of an important conversation, it can help to get another pair of ears to listen to you. This battery pack of 5000 mAh(opens in a new tab) doubles as a voice activated audio recorder. It listens when there’s something to listen to, and you can use it to power your phone. It also retails for $127.99 (reg. $159).

A portable charger that is also a voice activated recorder

Do you have to remember to do the dishes? Talk to your phone charger to leave a reminder. This voice activated audio recorder can activate automatically when it hears voices, or you can set a scheduled or continuous recording mode. The sensitive microphone has a maximum range of up to 12 meters. It even has a built-in magnetic housing so you can attach it to metal surfaces. Stick it on your fridge and pronounce your shopping list.

This recorder has an internal memory of 16 GB that can store up to 688 hours of audio recordings. Access your recordings digitally or listen to them directly with the earbuds that come with your voice recorder(opens in a new tab). You are not limited to listening to things you personally recorded. Put on a few mp3s or wav files and listen to music without an internet connection. The buttons on the bottom allow you to turn up the volume, pause, play or skip songs.

If you need an adapter, your purchase also comes with a Premium OTG adapter with Lightning, USB-C, and Micro-USB connectors. You can also use that adapter to access the 5000mAh power bank and charge your Android, iPhone or tablet.

Keep your batteries charged and your memory fresh

Send yourself audio reminders, keep your batteries charged and more with this pocket-sized all-in-one gadget.

For a limited time, purchase the 5000 mAh Battery Pack with Voice-Activated Recorder (opens in a new tab)on sale for $127.99 (reg. $159).

Prices subject to change.

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