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The Lizzo lawsuit story seems to be only developing further and does not seem to be resting anytime soon. Just as a big industry director came forward to expose the star, two of the former dancers who are suing Lizzo in court just came out in public to spill the beans. This includes what the real working conditions with the star looked like. In their exclusive interview on TMZ Live this Wednesday, dancers Arianna Davis and Crystal Williams had raging things to say about the songstress. Here is what they revealed last night.

Lizzo threatened those who did not do as she pleased

With the accusations of sexual misconduct and harsh working conditions firmly in place, bigger accusations have also been levied. Lizzo was stamped with the idea of taking her dancers to strip clubs. Arianna told the anchor that her employer would make them do all sorts of wrongful deeds in the name of dance even if that meant eating a banana off of someone’s legs. More so, the songwriter would reward those who abided by with lavish trips in private jets.

And for those who chose to refuse her, she would go as far as threatening them. Crystal Willaims had a story of her own, dealing with her former boss. The dancer revealed that Lizzo once told her that “dancers get fired for gaining weight.” And she was terminated for the exact same reason. At the time of her leaving Lizzo, she had revealed to Lizzo that she was struggling with an eating disorder. But no warmth or regard was shown by the star when she told her about her condition.

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Will the star go to court? 

As mentioned, the other side of this developing story is yet to pave its way to the internet. It is more than clear that Lizzo is also surrounded by a team of lawyers and media personnel who have asked to stay away from making any media comments. Either the dancers will settle for damages and a public apology, or the case shall go to court. Either way. Lizzo is surely stripped off of her made-up body-positive advocacy. Pinkvilla will be sure to update this section as the lawsuit drama unfolds. Thus, keep an eye on this space for more.

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