Local Aerosmith fan sad this last time she gives Steven Tyler Head after concert

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SUNRISE, FL — Local Aerosmith fan Tara Andrade, 67, admitted that even the most incredible journeys must come to an end and told reporters Tuesday she was sad that this would be the last time she gives Steven Tyler a head after a concert . “It’s been a long, insane adventure and it’s hard to let go, but it’s great that they’re rolling around town so I can beat Steven one last time,” Andrade said, wistfully as she reflected on that since she When she first performed fellatio on Tyler in her late teens during the band’s Toys In The Attic tour in 1975, she prided herself on never missing the chance to suck off the flamboyant singer. “There’s something about hearing him hit those kick-ass notes on ‘Dream On’ and then taking him in my mouth later that always gives me goosebumps. And it also has more meaning than sheer thrills. Whenever I got into a rough spot over the decades, I could always remember that one day soon I’d be blasting the Demon of Screamin’ backstage, and that would see me through. Thank goodness we have one last hurrah where I get to see his erect penis up close and personal. Rock ‘n’ roll never dies, baby.’ At the press, Andrade added that she was also excited to introduce her 37-year-old daughter to Tyler’s erection and what made it so special.

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