Lord of the Mysteries anime new trailer out; Check streaming details, release date, and more inside

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Lord of the Mysteries, the anime series released its new trailer on August 8, 2023, announcing that the show would hit screens in the Summer of 2025. The anime is based on the web novel Cuttlefish That Loves Diving, which can be found on QiDian. While the trailer has left fans and audiences wanting more, the production team remains tight-lipped about any further details.

Lord of the Mysteries latest trailer, cast, plot and Beyonder’s path

The creative minds behind this fantastical journey are none other than B.CMAY PICTURES. The same powerhouse that is behind anime like, The Founder of Diabolism and The King’s Avatar. Audiences can expect a thrilling blend of mystery and supernatural power that will completely immerse viewers in the world of Donghua. The heart of the tale revolves around the world of Klein Moretti, the tale’s protagonist, and his transformation as he evolves into a formidable Beyonder.

The Lord of the Mysteries trailer features incredible animation, depicts Klein’s thrilling adventures as well as his supernatural powers. The action-packed scenes promise an adrenaline-pumping ride throughout. While the cast remains unknown, the trailer’s depiction of Klein’s world and adventures is enough to keep fans interested.

Speaking of the plot, it follows Zhou Mingrui, who is reincarnated as Klein Moretti in a Victorian-era. This world is a blend of machinery, mystique, and magic, with airships, cannons, and sealed artefacts filling the landscape. Klein’s journey unfolds as he navigates this mysterious world, uncovering hidden hexes, tarot cards, potions, and more. The anime isn’t just about action; it’s a journey of self-discovery as Klein rises to become a Beyonder. His interactions with various churches further add an interesting dimension to the story.

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Lord of the Mysteries anime series release date and streaming details

As of now the exact release date has not been announced. However, the official release window has been set for the summer of 2025. This anime has also managed to feature itself on the highly-anticipated Anime Summer List 2025. Fans can watch the show on platforms like WeTV (Tencent Video) and Aurora TV. 

One thing is certain: Lord of the Mysteries is set to immerse audiences in a world of supernatural marvels, action-packed adventures, and a journey that promises to leave viewers in awe.

Stay tuned for more updates as we uncover the mysteries together.

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