Man fondly remembers the days when he played outside unsupervised, was harassed, came home for dinner

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WICHITA, KS — A wistful expression on his face as he recalled the carefree days of his childhood, local man Arnold Lesseder told reporters Friday that he could remember when he would play outside unsupervised, be harassed, and then come home would come to eat. “When I was a kid, we weren’t cooped up inside watching TV and playing video games — no, we spent all day riding bikes, throwing rocks across the creek and getting lured into vans by strangers,” said Lesseder, who stated that he felt sorry for the current generation of spoiled kids and that receiving sexually explicit messages from Xbox Live predators “just wasn’t the same”. “Our parents weren’t breathing down our necks all day asking where we were and who we were with. We didn’t even have cell phones to call 911! All my mom and dad cared about was that I was home by 6 p.m. every night, scarred for life and ready for dinner. I think things were just different back then.” Lesseder added that his family didn’t even bother to lock their front door, and he regularly woke up in the middle of the night to see a stranger looming over his bed.

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