Man Who Googled ‘How To Kiss’ 2 Years Ago Is Now Going On Full-Down Misogyny Tirade

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SHREVEPORT, LA – Writing his 10th consecutive post on a Telegram channel devoted to the men’s rights movement, local resident Gabe Gearhardt, who googled “how to kiss” two years ago, is currently in the middle of a full-blown misogynist diatribe, sources stated Tuesday. In 2021, according to reports, Gearhardt took sincere advice about kissing in a way that his date might find pleasurable, and he’s now furiously typing a screed claiming that society unfairly favors women, who he says are too emotional to accept the intellectual equals of men. Gearhardt, who is also a regular contributor to the r/TheRedPill subreddit and currently accuses women of participating in a feminist conspiracy to deny men sex, reportedly once took to an online forum asking how wet his lips should be when kissing , what he should do with his hands, and if it was okay to use tongue during a first kiss or if a girl would find it gross. At press time, sources confirmed that the man is now a 5,000-word tirade arguing for laws that would require women to remain sexually submissive to men had never been kissed.

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