Minka Kelly: Here are 5 scandalous revelations the actress made in her new memoir ‘Tell Me Everything’

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American actress Minka Kelly made some serious revelations in her recently released memoir Tell Me Everything. The Friday Night Lights star’s debut memoir was released on May 2, 2023 and she has given scandalous details about her life and career in it.

Kelly said she’s wanted to tell her story since she was in high school, hoping it might mean something to someone, adding, “The way we make life meaningful is through our stories. ” Here are five revelations the 42-year-old made in her memoir.

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Minka Kelly on her decision to terminate her teenage pregnancy

Kelly started dating a man named Rudy when she was 16 years old while he was 22 years old. She became pregnant during their toxic relationship and although she was initially against abortion, she later realized it was the “right choice” as she herself was living an unstable life at the time. “I couldn’t tell Rudy. He had me so under control already,” she revealed.

“This would forever cement his rights over me and my body,” Kelly added, then revealed, “I couldn’t imagine bringing a baby into what my mother put me into. Raising a child with my mother would just continuing this family trauma, adding another cycle to so many generations of pain. Wasn’t enough damage already done?”

Minka Kelly on dating ‘Friday Night Lights’ co-star Taylor Kitsch

Kelly and Taylor Kitsch first met while filming the hit NBC drama series Friday Night Lights. “I immediately fell in love with him. He was funny and adventurous and didn’t take himself too seriously,” she said. Kelly revealed that although she was warned by the show’s creator that being with a co-star “always ends badly”, the two began dating.

“When it was good, it was good. But we were very young and very sensitive people with our own personal unhealed traumas, so when it was bad, it was really bad. It was hard for him to separate me from the person who he had to work with every day,” she wrote. “My heart was so guarded that I couldn’t even acknowledge that this was a real relationship with real feelings. I minimized what we had shared, like I did everything else in my life,” explains Kelly.

Minka Kelly on Harvey Weinstein wanting her to be his girlfriend

Kelly also revealed that she met former movie producer and convicted s*x offender Harvey Weinstein at an industry party. She claimed that he offered her a luxurious life in exchange for his girlfriend. Although she declined the offer by acting flattered at the time, the actress later felt differently about the situation when his crimes came to light.

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“When all the #MeToo details came to light, I realized I had been complicit in protecting him. I was also complicit in making him feel good about the crude proposal he’d made. The only safe route what I saw at the time was to say I was flattered,” Kelly revealed in her memoir.

Minka Kelly on being forced to pay $50,000 to ex-boyfriend for underage sex tape

Kelly also revealed that she was forced to make a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Rudy when she was 17 years old. “I spoke and acted like a small child. I had long known that I had changed my behavior to calm him down… but when I saw it on video, I squirmed. There was no woman full of desire on the screen; this was a little girl who did whatever it took to protect herself,” she said, sharing how she really felt watching the tape.

Years later, Rudy tried to sell it for distribution and Kelly was forced to hire a lawyer and pay him $50,000 for a signed release claiming he would hand over all copies of the s*x tape to her. “This was my childhood abuse on display. I had worked so hard to escape that role I was trapped in, and now the idea that it could be broadcast to all the world made me feel like I was dying.”

Minka Kelly on embracing being “a stripper’s daughter.”

Kelly’s mother worked as a stripper when she was young and in “reaction to how” her mother dressed, she began “wearing form-fitting outfits designed to get men’s attention” that “looked like flirting with danger”. Years later, when she took pole dancing classes as an emotional outlet, Kelly was able to “see herself clearly for the first time.”

She said, “I was empowered and it was okay to celebrate my femininity, my sexuality, my sensuality. My joy was driven by my own inner feelings of fulfillment. I didn’t need anyone to see or approve of me to love. take advantage of it.” Kelly went on to add, “Embracing that side of myself, a side I had kept locked away for a long time, made my relationship with my mother so much deeper and stronger. The more I healed my wounds and the more forgiveness I developed for her, the I found more compassion for both of us.”

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