Morocco-Spain-Portugal to host 2030 World Cup, Saudi Arabia to bid for 2034

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The first three games of the tournament will be held in South America to mark tournament’s 100th anniversary.

The international football body FIFA has announced that the 2030 football World Cup will be hosted by Morocco, Portugal, and Spain, with the first three matches held in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay to mark the 100-year anniversary of the tournament.

The decision, announced on Wednesday, means the World Cup will be held in six different countries across three continents.

“The FIFA Council unanimously agreed that the sole candidacy will be the combined bid of Morocco, Portugal, and Spain, which will host the event in 2030 and qualify automatically from the existing slot allocation,” FIFA said in a statement.

“Additionally, having taken into account the historical context of the first-ever FIFA World Cup, the FIFA Council further unanimously agreed to host a unique centenary celebration ceremony in the country’s capital, Montevideo … as well as three World Cup matches in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay respectively.”

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has announced its intention to bid to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup, state news agency SPA reported on Wednesday.

Meant to pay homage to the inaugural World Cup, hosted and won by the South American nation of Uruguay in 1930, the decision may be viewed as excessively complex – it will involve large amounts of travel between different continents and time zones.

The agreement was reached on Wednesday between the sport’s continental leaders.

“The centennial World Cup could not be far from South America, where everything began,” said Alejandro Dominguez, the president of South American football organisation CONMEBOL. “The 2030 World Cup will be played in three continents.”

The tournament will take place in June and July of 2030, with 104 matches scheduled.

The next World Cup will be hosted by Mexico, Canada, and the United States in 2026, the first to include men’s teams from 48 different countries.

The most recent Men’s World Cup was hosted by the Middle Eastern nation of Qatar in 2022, culminating in a spellbinding final between France and Argentina, with Argentina emerging victorious.

The most recent Women’s World Cup was hosted by Australia and New Zealand in July and August, with Spain beating out England in the final.

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