Mother mails son Mother’s Day gift

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HOUSTON — Emphasizing that all she wanted for the holiday was for her son to be happy, local mom Beverly Higgins reportedly sent her son Conner a Mother’s Day gift on Sunday, according to sources. “Just a little something to show how much I love you on my special day,” the card read, which was accompanied by a brand new Nintendo Switch, several pairs of wool socks, and a $25 gift card to Chipotle, intended “to to thank [him]to give her the gift of being his mother. “I was at the mall near the hospital after minor surgery — don’t worry, I’m fine! – and then saw the GameStop and thought of you. You’ve already done enough just by being born, so don’t even think of giving me anything in return, sir! And if you already have, just give it back and keep the money and buy yourself something nice. You deserve it! Mothers often get all the credit for the work we do, but I think you deserve it more because you are my sweet, special boy.” During the press, Conner Higgins reportedly called his mother a “bitch” after the package embarrassed him in front of his roommates.

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