NA speaker forms committee to investigate leaked audio from Najam Saqib

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The Speaker of the National Assembly, Raja Raja Pervez Ashraf.  — Twitter/@NAofPakistan
The Speaker of the National Assembly, Raja Raja Pervez Ashraf. — Twitter/@NAofPakistan
  • Mohammad Aslam Bhootani appointed as Committee Chairman: Notice.
  • Melding says the committee can enlist help from any research agency.
  • Audio contains two conversations between Najam, PTI candidate PP137, intermediary.

National Assembly (NA) Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf set up a special committee on Wednesday to investigate the audio of the son of Pakistan’s former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar – who can be heard selling a PTI ticket to a candidate of the Punjab Provincial Assembly, claiming that his father had to work hard to get the ticket approved – according to a notice from the assembly.

The notice stated that Mohammad Aslam Bhootani has been appointed as the chairman of the committee, which includes Shahida Akhtar Ali, Muhammad Abubakar, Muhammad Barjees Tahir, Sheikh Rohale Asghar, Syed Hussain Tariq, Naz Baloch and Khalid Hussain Magsi.

The commission can enlist the help of any investigative agency and will submit its report to the National Assembly, the notice said.

Last week, leaked audio reportedly features two separate telephone conversations between the former son of CJP and Abuzar Chadhar – a Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) candidate from PP137 – and Mian Uzair, an intermediary between the two.

The three were reportedly heard talking about the provincial collectible ticket recently issued by PTI.

In the soundis heard that Najam Uzair is asking for Rs12 million for the party ticket.

In one of the leaked audios, Najam Saqib Abuzar is said to have asked Chadhar to visit his father to thank him for a favor while in the other he argues with Mian Uzair over money.

On April 29, the former CJP — in a statement given to Geo news program “Nah Pakistan– confirmed that the voice in the audio call belonged to his son Najam.

“It’s my son’s voice in the leaked audio,” the former top judge said when asked if it was his son in the alleged conversation.

A day after the leak, Imran Khan-led party launched an investigation into the matter.

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