Naruto vs Luffy: Who will emerge as ultimate winner in a fight? Find out future of two powerful characters

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Naruto and One Piece are among the best shows of all time, yet the question of which main character will triumph remains unanswered. Only one of the anime titans can triumph in the ultimate battle. Luffy and Naruto each have one aim in mind: to become the unrivaled greatest at what they do. In their respective worlds, they are still regarded as champions and formidable opponents. We’ve got you covered if you’ve ever wanted to figure out which fearless leader genuinely rules the roost.

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Can Naruto defeat Luffy?

When the pair’s skillsets are put on paper, one clear winner appears to emerge. Taking Naruto’s various Modes into account, he’d be the clear winner in a combat with Luffy. Naruto would most certainly be stronger and more powerful than anything Luffy has ever faced in the universe of One Piece, with Luffy’s present Gear 5 pale in contrast.

To equal Naruto’s power, Luffy would need at least 10–15 Gears to reach a competitive level suitable for close combat. Fans are unsure whether Luffy would ever encounter so many Gears during his voyage, making Naruto’s defeat a faraway pipedream.

How strong are Luffy and Naruto?

Luffy might be a feisty little child with aspirations of becoming the next Pirate King, but he has grown up with the potential to cause severe damage.

Recent One Piece episodes have shown Luffy attaining Gear 5, which many believe signifies the Warrior of Liberation, also known as Sun God Nika. Luffy has been gradually raising gears since the beginning of the show, implying that additional gears are yet possible.

Meanwhile, Luffy can easily avoid most threats with his present level of power. If an opponent has less willpower than Luffy, he can employ Conqueror’s Haki and Armament Haki to bolster his attacks.

Naruto, like Luffy or Goku in Dragon Ball, has gone through several phases of leveling up. According to the anime series, he is the strongest shinobi in history, which is mostly due to his superhuman strength.

Naruto, in the spirit of One-Punch Man, can knock even the strongest adversaries out with a single punch. He can also fly, sprint at superhuman speeds, use strong sealing methods, and summon huge toads if the situation calls for it.

This is before we even get into Naruto’s numerous Tails forms, such as the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode seen during the Fourth Great Ninja War. The strongest of Naruto’s forms is now his Six Paths Sage Mode, which he obtained from Hagoromo during the same war.

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