New Bing and Edge features give online shopping an AI makeover

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Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Edge browser now have AI shopping tools that work like your own personal shopper.

The company announced this on Thursday(opens in a new tab) AI-generated buying guides, review summaries and insights, and automated price comparison, giving users consolidated information on products that would normally take more time and effort to search online.


Microsoft Bing AI chatbot and Edge browser get massive AI upgrades. See the list.

The Bing and Edge shopping tools are some of the latest developments in the ongoing shift to a new generative AI search era.

AI chatbots like Bing Chat can answer more complex questions that a traditional World Wide Web search doesn’t answer, as well as impacting how users interact with ads and online content. However, this approach is reportedly designed to provide more value and opportunity to publishers as it encourages users to learn more from the original sources through links and quotes.

Buying guides and review summaries highlight products based on relevant and popular information from across the web, meaning it’s different from product ads that pop up in a traditional search.

Bing shopping feature with headphone user reviews in the sidebar

When you browse for a product on Edge, Bing Chat collects user reviews and insights to inform your purchase.
Credit: Bing

When you enter shopping questions like “school supplies” on the Bing homepage, you receive an AI-generated buying guide that gives you recommendations on what a student needs, product suggestions, and comparisons of similar products, including details like specs and prices. Buying guides pull information from articles, blogs, reviews, and product descriptions on the Internet.

If you’re already browsing for a specific product on Edge, you can access Bing chat to get information on what aspects to consider and a summary of user reviews. In the demo video, Bing Chat cheerfully writes, “Welcome back! I see you’re looking for noise canceling headphones.” Whether this is an official nod to the infamous Clippy assistant is unclear, but it certainly feels like an evolved version of its predecessor.

Once you’ve decided on the product you want to buy, Microsoft’s price comparison tool compares prices from retailers across the web and price history so you know if now is a good time to buy or if you should wait for a price. drop. Microsoft has partnered with US retailers who offer price matches, so if the price drops after you buy something, Microsoft can help you get your money back.

Buying guides are available today in the US and review summaries are available worldwide today. Price Comparison will be rolling out to users in the US soon.

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