North Korea holds demonstrations against ‘imperialist US’

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Tens of thousands attend events in Pyongyang as the country celebrates the anniversary of the start of the Korean War in 1950.

North Korea has held mass rallies in Pyongyang to condemn the United States’ “imperialism” and pledge a “war of vengeance” as the country marked the 73rd anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War.

About 120,000 youth and workers took part in the rallies, which were held across the capital, state news agency KCNA reported Monday. The secretaries of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea were also present.

Photos showed a stadium full of people, many of them wearing white shirts. Some marched and slapped the air with their right hands. Others held placards that read, “The entire American mainland is within our firing range” and “The Imperialist USA is the Destroyer of Peace.”

The Korean War began on June 25, 1950, when North Korea invaded South Korea in an attempt to reunite the Korean Peninsula under Pyongyang. The invasion sparked a three-year war — pitting Soviet- and China-backed northern forces against US-led United Nations forces — that left an estimated 2 million people dead.

The anniversary of the war on Sunday, which ended in a ceasefire rather than a peace treaty, follows a spate of weapons tests by nuclear-armed North Korea, including an attempt to launch its first military spy satellite into orbit. That attempt ended in failure on May 31, but Pyongyang has promised to make a second launch attempt at an undetermined date.

A mob of North Koreans take to the air at a rally to denounce the US.  A poster behind them features an illustration of three armed North Korean soldiers against a red background.  The slogan reads: Tens of millions of people vow to defy death for defending the country!
People are clapping at a poster that read, “Tens of millions of people vow to face death for defending the country!” [Jon Chol Jin/AP Photo]

North Korea now had “the strongest absolute weapon to punish the US imperialists” and the “avengers on this country are burning with the indomitable will to avenge the enemy,” KCNA said.

This year’s wave of weapons testing has included Pyongyang’s first solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile as leader Kim Jong Un continues his plan to modernize the military and continue an increasingly powerful arsenal of weapons.

Kim has justified the buildup as necessary for North Korea’s self-defense, pointing to military exercises held by South Korea and the US.

In a separate State Department report, North Korea claimed that the US was making “desperate efforts to ignite nuclear war” and accused Washington of sending strategic resources to the region.

Denuclearization talks have stalled since 2019 when a high-profile summit between Kim and then-US President Donald Trump collapsed over sanctions.

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