One Punch Man Chapter 190: What is King’s plan? Release date, where to read, plot and more

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This is that time of the month when fans have to wait endlessly to get the final release date of the next OPM chapter. In line for a release is One Punch Man Chapter 190. Atomic Samurai was face-to-face against King this time. And even he thought that this man what is the strongest of them all. From here on, it will be interesting to see how Murata narrates the battle. So here is everything you need to know about the plot and release date of the chapter.

King in One Punch Man anime [Youtube]

One Punch Man Chapter 190: Plot and recap

The title of the previous chapter was ‘Blade Test.’ In the last one, we saw that the Atomic Samurai decided to challenge King in his own game. King decided to bring out his sword and then he kept it back. But the Samurai sword that king was almost too fast for him to even catch the movements of his attack. Some fans were quick to compare his action to that of Luffy. There was a lot of mention of Gear 5 in the discussion threads of this chapter as well. Readers were more than impressed with how King managed to handle the situation without letting anyone know about his true powers. 

While this was one of the shortest chapters yet, the next storyline will bring a longer conversation between the two. Seeing the potential in King’s powers, the Samurai is sure to ask him to make him his disciple. King might not agree to this as he’s almost too lazy to get back to the battlefield. It will be interesting to see what his ultimate call would be the next time.

King in One Punch Man anime [Youtube]

One Punch Man Chapter 190: Release date and where to read

OPM chapters usually follow a biweekly release cycle. The last chapter came out on July 26, 2023. And the fans are expecting the next one to release pretty soon on August 10, 2023. However, there has been no confirmation from Murata as of yet. We will be sure to update the section in case of any delay or hiatus. All the chapters of the manga are available to read on the official website of One Punch Man and Viz Media. At last, keep coming back to Pinkvilla.

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