OpenAI rolls out ChatGPT plugins to Plus users

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In March, OpenAI began developing “eyes and ears” for ChatGPT in the form of plugins. This would allow ChatGPT to exponentially expand its capabilities as a tool for users to basically delegate any task as well. At the time, these plugins were only available to a select few in a “limited alpha”. But with the announcement of OpenAI on Friday afternoon, more than 70 third-party plugins are finally rolling out to ChatGPT Plus users.

“We’re rolling out web browsing and plugins to all ChatGPT Plus users in the coming week!” OpenAI announced in a tweet. “Going from alpha to beta gives ChatGPT access to the internet and the ability to use over 70 third-party plugins.”

The plugins should activate automatically upon subscribing to ChatGPT Plus and can be found under “Beta Features” in a user’s settings. The service costs $20 per month and allows users to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 model, a significantly better but still flawed upgrade over ChatGPT-3. Plus subscribers have access to over 70 third-party plugins. These can analyze website content, visualize and analyze data, and even help you learn foreign languages.


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Users can install as many plugins as they want, but they are only allowed to use three at a time. The plugins cover a range of industries and business ventures, including shopping, real estate, stocks, travel, and food. For example, one plugin, ‘ndricks Sports’, finds and collects relevant sports news and information.

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Plugins like “ndricks Sports” will find the news for you so you don’t have to.
Credit: OpenAI

Screenshot of ChatGPT

Being reminded that the 76ers are still in the playoffs is not relevant information for the Detroit Pistons.
Credit: OpenAI

Other plugins, such as “AskYourPDF” and “ChatWithPDF”, allow users to provide a PDF document URL for ChatGPT to browse. However, these plugins are very picky about what URLs they can and cannot accept, and this plugin will not accept local files from your computer.

Screenshot of ChatGPT

Good luck finding PDFs that work with ChatGPT.
Credit: OpenAI

ChatGPT plugins are still in beta and it shows. I’ve pointed out the “ndricks Sports” plugin before, and while the information it gave me is correct, the resources it gave me don’t really link back to wherever ChatGPT got that information from. Or in some cases, like with “ChatWithPDF”, the plugin just didn’t work when I tried it.

Either way, the plugin implementation represents a radical shift in ChatGPT’s capabilities, especially with Google Bard getting a massive multi-modal upgrade. The ramifications of giving generative AI access to the internet have yet to be seen in full, but you can’t say the progression of these machines isn’t at least a little exciting.

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