Pakistani Americans remitted $3 billion in last fiscal year: Masood Khan

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WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan on Friday revealed that Pakistani Americans remitted $3 billion during the previous fiscal year.

He made these remarks while addressing a flag hoisting ceremony held at Bowling Green, along with Mayor New York City Eric Adams and senior city officials.

Speaking at the event, the ambassador urged Pakistani Americans to play their role in their homeland’s growth and make it a stronger nation. He reaffirmed that Pakistan was moving towards political stability and economic growth. “As we negotiate this transition in Pakistan, keep helping Pakistan and keep investing back in Pakistan.”

He added: “Your contributions would bring around a huge radical transformation in Pakistan. You are a catalyst for Pakistan’s economic growth and success, as well as for building bridges between Pakistan and the United States.” 

The ambassador further said, “You need to scale up these investments in many sectors, particularly in mining, in agriculture, in tech startups, in manufacturing, in the services industry.”

Predicting a bright future for the country, he said: “There is no room for despair, despondency. This is your homeland. Pakistan is your motherland. And that strong bond with Pakistan can never ever be severed.”

He stressed, “Pakistan is a resilient country. It has done well in the past. It looks towards a brighter future. And you can be the architects of that bright future too.”

He advised the community members not to pay attention to rumour-mongering, fake fables and false narratives.

He said that many Gulf countries and Americans, American firms and corporate entities were investing in Pakistan, adding that they can be participants in that exercise.

Welcoming the ambassador to the city, New York City Mayor Eric Adams highlighted the efforts being made to integrate the rich diversity of the city into all walks of life. The mayor said he believed in the power of diversity and considered it as an effective tool to create requisite synergies for realising the goals of the American experience.

Ambassador Khan and Mayor Eric Adams jointly raised the flags of the US and Pakistan to the cheering crowd. The ceremony was watched by nearly two hundred Pakistani Americans and city officials.

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