Peyton Manning finally returns to comedy with a sports betting sitcom

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Peyton Manning builds a campaign to finally be better than Tom Brady at something.

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As the legend of the Patriots plans his sad little foray into comedy an upcoming Netflix roast in his honorManning is poised to take down his once comic rival by producing an upcoming NBC called work comedy What are the odds?, a series set in a Las Vegas sportsbook. The show is being made under the banner of Manning’s entertainment company, Omaha Productions, which also produces Manning casta series where Peyton and his brother Eli casually provide hilarious commentary during Monday night football.

No details have been released about the casting choices for What are the odds?but old fans of it athletes who can legitimately make us laugh hoping Manning himself will appear on screen given his impressive resume because he is actually funny and not just “jock reads nerd writers jokes from a teleprompter” funny.

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