Philosophical riddles from ‘Futurama’ that could be true

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Do suicide booths glorify suicide?

One of the grittiest aspects of life in New New York has to be the predominance of “Suicide Booths,” those conveniently placed kiosks that people can kill for as little as 25 cents.

Ethical questions surrounding such an invention then arose in 2021 with the unveiling of the “Sarco”, a “3D printed pod” that supposedly “painlessly can end someone’s life in minutes.” Of course it achieves this using nitrogen gas, not automated blades, chainsaws and other miscellaneous blades. This has led to criticism that the pod’s “sleek” design “glorifies suicide and makes it easier for those who are vulnerable and mentally ill.”

Can robots consent to sex?

Despite dramatic warnings from the Space Pope, Fry memorably dates a robot Lucy Liu in a season three episode.

While they may not be as advanced as the Monroe bot, AI sex dolls are already a thing. And there is a certain amount of unease surrounding this technology that has nothing to do with the collapse of civilization as we know it. For starters, we’re already seeing controversies surrounding sex dolls designed to look like celebritiesliving And dead, similar to the real, disembodied Lucy Liu understandably felt violated by the “sweaty nerds” who copied her image without permission.

And it has been suggested that pleasure bots may not be able to properly consent to sex. If these dolls become sentient, it raises “profound ethical and legal issues” that, according to experts, “must be resolved urgently, before they appear.” Some researchers have even warned that if this technology continues to develop, huge numbers of people could become addicted to it robotic sex. But this claim was notably made without Space’s approval Pope.

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