Pooran on the 31 overflow: ‘Once it’s your match-up, you have to make it count’

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Nicholas Pooran said he and the Lucknow Super Giants team management were waiting for the one in the last five to be bowled by a Sunrisers Hyderabad spinner and that is the one they were waiting for. It came in the form of Abhishek Sharma’s part-time left arm spin, and between them Marcus Stoinis and Pooran took 31 of them.

It was the 16th over of LSG’s chase of 183. They needed 69 off 30 balls. Aiden Markram threw the ball to Abhishek, and Stoinis hit it for two sixes before hollowing out trying to hit a third. Then Pooran walked out and hit his first three balls for six, becoming only the second player in IPL history to do so. For Pooran it was the perfect match, the left arm crashing into him.

“We talked during the break [the second strategic time out] and we felt like we needed sixes to win the game,” Pooran told the broadcaster after the game. .

“Stoiny [Stoinis] aimed him the first two balls but unfortunately ran out in the third ball and left arm orthodox is my match up so I was happy to walk in and hit three balls off a left arm orthodox. That got my innings going, so thanks to Sunrisers for that, but I really enjoyed it too.”

The run-over of 31 proved game-changing as it allowed LSG a way back into the match and they went on to record a seven-wicket win. Pooran finished on 44 not out of 13 balls.

“T20 cricket is a batsman’s game. And I believe part-timers have a reason for part-timers. Either they’re up for wickets or you can target them,” said Pooran. “This game is all about taking risks. No risks, no rewards. I think it was very important in this game and once it’s your match, you have to make it count.”

Super Giants captain Krunal Pandya said that with hitters like Stoinis, who scored 40 from 25 despite a slow start, and Pooran, the team always believed they could chase the target.

“The most important thing we need as a team and as individuals is faith. We had that faith. Plus players like Pooran and Stoin can do something.” [special]Krunal said. Pooran can do special things, he is a special player. Every time I see him hit the confidence and confidence he has is amazing. We had faith that we could chase it.”

He said no “special message” was sent during the strategic timeout and it was a simple conversation they needed to go boom or bust.

“We knew we had to go. Almost 80-90 [80] runs we needed in the last six and then we had to go over,” said Krunal. “Fortunately it paid off [off] for us that Abhishek threw that over and he went for five sixes and that changed the momentum.

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