PTI chief conspired with ex-CJP to disqualify Jahangir Tareen: Ishaq Khakwani

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Tehreek-e-Istehkam Pakistan (TIP) leader patron Jahangir Khan Tareen.  —APP/File
Tehreek-e-Istehkam Pakistan (TIP) leader patron Jahangir Khan Tareen. —APP/File
  • PTI chairman charged with conspiracy against Tareen.
  • IPP leader says former CJP chief helped PTI.
  • Tareen was disqualified by CJP Nisar in 2017.

Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) leader Ishaq Khakwani has alleged that former Prime Minister Imran Khan conspired with ex-Chief Justice Saqib Nisar to disqualify Jahangir Khan Tareen, the patron of the newly formed party.

In a statement, Khakwani, the newly formed IPP spokesperson, said there is no discussion of how the PTI chief acted against Tareen, who was disqualified for life in December 2017.

Nisar, believed to be leaning towards the PTI, retired as Pakistan’s chief justice in 2019.

“Can PTI chairman deny that there was no help from former chief justice [Nisar]?” asked Khakwani.

He berated Khan for claiming high moral grounds and not speaking the truth while involved.

“PTI chairman will have to answer for his conspiratorial role in the disqualification of Jahangir Tareen,” he said.

Tareen parted ways with the PTI after developing disagreements with the party chairman and played a major role in Punjab politics by helping the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz install Hamza Shehbaz as the chief minister of the country’s most populous province.

However, Hamza was later removed from office and replaced by PTI backed Parvez Elahi.

Tareen’s disqualification

On December 15, 2017, a three-member apex court judge headed by then Chief Justice Mian Saqib disqualified Nisar Tareen for life for being “unfair” to the court.

Tareen, a former federal minister and a former close associate of Khan, was disqualified under Article 62 of the constitution – the same clause under which three-time Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was disqualified – in the whistleblower’s Panama Papers case in July this year .

Tareen was also found guilty of concealing a London-based offshore company.

Hanif Abbasi, a parliamentarian and leader of the PML-N, had filed a petition in November 2016 accusing the PTI leaders of money laundering, tax evasion, fake money trials and failure to declare their assets to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Abbasi also accused the opposition party of being a “foreign-funded” party.

The judges rejected all allegations related to money laundering, tax evasion and false money trails.

However, they directed the Election Commission to investigate the allegations of foreign financing against the PTI.

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