Rachel Bilson Makes a Strong Advocate for Missionary: “I Want to Be F*cking Manhandled”

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Rachel Bilson says her favorite sex position is missionary

The missionary sex position is making a big comeback, and we’re here for it. While some people sleep in the sex position thinking it’s “boring” or “vanilla,” there’s actually a lot of sexy versatility you can add to it. Just ask Rachel Bilson, who recently revealed why the missionary sex position is her favorite.

On an episode of the “Women on Top” podcast, the “Hart of Dixie” actor shared that missionary is her go-to because “I want to be fucking mistreated,” she said.

“I want to be fucking mistreated.”

She has a good point; the traditional sex position is ideal for those who enjoy rough sex, as it leaves the penetrating partner at the top and largely in control. Plus, in this position it’s easy to introduce some light BDSM and bondage into the mix: hands can be held in handcuffs, blindfolds can be worn, and sex toys can be easily added.

But Bilson didn’t leave her sexual thoughts with missionary. Later in the podcast, she said that the cowgirl sex position is the easiest position for her to reach orgasm. “I learned that if you want to have an orgasm during sex, you have to be on top of it,” she said.

And while there’s no clear answer to what’s the best sex position for orgasm in general — it largely depends on your body, stress level, mental headroom, and more — some agree that the cowgirl sex position feels great because it can be in control, making it easier for them to reach orgasm.

Continuing on her assessment of the sex position, Bilson ended by saying she enjoys the doggy-style position the least. “It can go so deep and hurt,” the actress added, which is a common complaint from many other people about dogs. Experts say adding more lube or switching to some variation of doggy should make things a little more comfortable. Keep in mind that painful sex is not normal, so don’t keep having sex that hurts, especially not just because you think you like a certain position or type of sex.

While a doggy may not be Bilson’s go-to move in the bedroom, sexual preferences and comfort levels can vary from person to person. And even for her, orgasming during partnered sex hasn’t always been achievable. In a recent episode of her own podcast, “Broad Ideas,” she shared that she didn’t experience an orgasm during sex with a partner until she was 38.

Obviously, it’s important to remember that everyone’s sexual preferences will be different and depend on countless things. And while we’re thrilled that Bilson is making missionary cool again, we won’t be embarrassed if it’s still not your cup of tea.

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