Rajalakshmi talks about Vishnukanth, Samyutha; Super Singer fame criticizes how ex-couple handled a split

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Samyutha and Vishnukanth acted together in a Tamil TV show called Sippikul Muthu. They fell in love and after 7 months of dating they got married. But their marriage only lasted 15 days. After the couple chose to separate, they indulged in a very public back and forth of words in which both accused each other. Now Super Singer fame Rajalakshmi has criticized the ex-couple for how they handled their divorce.

Rajalakshmi criticizes Vishnukanth and Samyutha

Rajalakshmi, a Super Singer contestant who is soon to make her acting debut, has come forward and said the problem got worse after being dragged to social media. She also said that the allegations the former couple have made against each other are being heard by people of all ages.

She also stated that if two people have problems in their marriage, they should file for divorce. But on the other hand, Samyutha and Vishnukanth try to gain sympathy by blaming each other.

Vishnukanth and Samyutha accuse each other

The ex-couple and co-stars have seriously accused each other. Samyutha came forward and said that her former husband showed her explicit videos and told her to do exactly the same as what was in the video. She shared that when she declined, he said there was no need to watch these videos if they could fix a camera in the bedroom and watch them.

Vishnukanth on the other hand revealed that Samyutha’s father was the main reason behind their divorce. Samyutha had accused Vishnukanth of being solely interested in a physical relationship. He hit back at her claims by then revealing that she was in another relationship while they were together.

The couple’s divorce news and the interviews they gave after the split have received a lot of attention on social media. Other celebrities and social media users have also taken sides in the matter and expressed their views on it.

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The duo themselves got married this year, on March 3, 2023. Soon after the wedding, rumors surfaced that the duo had split due to irreconcilable differences.

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