Remember the Alamo—And These 12 Thrift Stores in San Antonio

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Why Shop San Antonio Thrift Stores?

As you navigate the tapestry of San Antonio’s thrift stores, you’re not just embarking on a shopping expedition—you’re cleaning up this beautiful city and keeping it clean for future generations.

The San Antonio Solid Waste Department reports a 23% increase in waste per person over the last 20 years—now totaling 1.84 TONS per person!

In 2021, a Texas-sized sum of 1.3 billion pounds went to landfill.

How much of that was clothing, furniture, and other items that could have instead been rehomed and recirculated via second hand channels?

Choosing to shop at local thrift stores isn’t just a smart idea from a waste diversion perspective.

It can also be an enriching way to unearth affordable hidden treasures you simply can’t find anymore. From antique furniture and quirky collectibles, you never know what you might stumble upon that might instantly become a cherished part of your life.

Plus, these thrift stores reflect the rich tapestry of San Antonio’s culture and history. Each item tells a story, contributing to the city’s narrative and local economy. 

By incorporating these pieces into your life, you’re forging a personal connection with the community and its vibrant past.

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