Serving meals to young children or working in a fancy restaurant?

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1. Many dishes are served deconstructed, with no parts touching.

2. There is much concern about a small drop of sauce on a plate.

3. The standard counter counter has a fancy name, such as “Chef’s Counter” or “Dad’s Emporium or Dinosaur-Shaped Chicken Nuggets.”

4. If the carrots are not cut properly, someone may start screaming.

5. You take a lot of deep breaths and count to ten.

6. During the meal, the crumbs must be periodically removed from the table.

7. Guests are unusually obsessed with smells and textures.

8. No matter how absurd their requests, you’ve learned that it’s better not to argue with the guests.

9. You often wonder what you are doing with your life.

10. Certain foods are disguised to look like something they are not.

11. There are sometimes many questions about where the meat comes from.

12. Someone might be wearing a sequined bodysuit.

13. Someone may be getting on your nerves.

14. At least once a day, eating will bring one to tears.

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Serving meals to young children: 1-14
Working in a fancy restaurant: 1-14

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