“She Quit So Quickly”: New hire resigns when boss promises to honor their leave dates and immediately rescinds them

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Scientists were stunned when a new material was discovered even denser than osmium: this boss’s thick skull.

This thread was originally posted on Reddit’s r/AmItheA**hole subreddit by the boss, who was wholeheartedly put in place and utterly misrepresented by everyone who commented. Commenters were so appalled by the boss’s callous willingness to keep promises – and so impressed by the employee’s decision to quit on the spot – that one commenter posted screenshots of the AITA post on Reddit’s r/antiwork workplace subreddit placed. There, the original poster was re-roasted, with the influx of traffic to the original post leading to them removing it.

The most hilarious part of this whole thing has to be the original poster’s comment that even their fiancé calls them an idiot and the fact that they’re clearly suffering immediate consequences from their problematic approach to leadership.

Keep reading to see screenshots from the original thread before it was deleted, along with a slew of satisfying responses from both emerging threads. Next, check out this boss who tried to humiliate a guard and then stopped when it failed.

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