The Boy Meets World fiasco: why did Ben Savage disappear? Danielle Fishel and Will Friedle break silence on disappearance

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In a recent interview with Variety, Danielle Fishel and Will Friedle, beloved stars of the hit TV series Boy Meets World, shed light on their connection to co-star Ben Savage. The actors revealed that Savage has been conspicuously absent from their lives for the past three years, leaving them puzzled and searching for answers.

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Unexplained disappearance of Ben Savage

During the interview, Fishel and Friedle shared their surprise and disappointment at Savage’s sudden and unexplained departure. Fishel expressed her closeness to Savage during their time together, saying he checked in on her regularly. Savage’s sudden absence and lack of communication left both actors feeling ghostly and perplexed.

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Persistent attempts to reconnect with Ben Savage

Friedle elaborated on their baffling situation, stressing that there were no conflicts or quarrels between them that could explain Savage’s disappearance. Nevertheless, Savage has deliberately chosen to break off contact for no apparent reason. In an effort to understand and reconnect, Friedle repeatedly contacted Savage by texting and calling. Unfortunately, all his attempts were met with silence.

While the current estrangement is disheartening, Fishel remains hopeful of a future reconciliation with Savage. Through their Pod Meets World podcast, where they discuss their experiences on the show with Friedle and Rider Strong, Fishel has come to realize that everyone is on their own journey and that perspectives can vary greatly. She shared her continued love for Savage and her genuine desire for his well-being, indicating that their story together may not be over.

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