The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Did Ashley invite Tucker to move in with her to annoy Jack?

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The upcoming episode of the American soap opera The Young and the Restless offers memorable memories, surprise visits and showdowns. Fans of the long-running CBS series won’t want to miss the dramatic episodes. Read on to discover the spoilers and highlights of the May 5, 2023 episode of The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Highlights

Victor, played by Eric Braeden, Nikki, played by Melody Thomas Scott, and Abby, played by Melissa Ordway, put together a surprise for Devon, played by Bryton James, and Lily, played by Christel Khalil. They dedicated the jazz club in honor of Neil’s memory. While being together was fun at first, conversations about Phyllis’s alleged murder changed the mood.

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Devon wants to throw a big party on the anniversary of his father’s death. Lily seems to agree with her brother’s plan, and Victor and Nikki agree to come with them to the memorial as well. During the celebration, several people from Genoa City will honor the man who passed away four years ago and was so special to so many of them. In addition to all this, there may also be a surprise visitor in town in time for this emotional event in honor of Neil.

Is the surprise visitor Devon’s mother, Harmony, played by Chene Lawson? Or is it someone else? If it really is her, what will her return be like? Will it be a happy reunion or one fraught with complications? Meanwhile, Abby has decided to move in with Devon and wonders if her mother’s latest decision regarding Tucker, played by Trevor St. John, is right or not. She’s not totally against it, but she’s also not so sure what it might entail.

For example, Abby questions Ashley, played by Eileen Davidson, about Tucker and why she invited him to live with her at Abbott’s house. With her daughter facing her decision, will Ashley confess that it’s just an attempt to annoy her brother Jack, played by Peter Bergman? Or will she choose to tell Abby she’s falling for Tucker all over again?

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