These 16 products will convince you to try this summer’s “Tomato Girl” aesthetic

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It’s a summer for tomato girls and we’re just living in it. For years, summer trends have been dominated by familiar foods with aesthetic appeal and even better PR. Take lemons, for example, which have appeared on many a citrus-themed summer dress. Then cherries had their moment in the sun, with Sydney Sweeney releasing a viral cherry bikini as part of her Frankies Bikinis collection. This year, however, the tides are turning in a very tasty direction, and social media is eating it up.

Meet the ‘tomato girl’. An admittedly unsavory name for what is ultimately just an eccentric take on summer’s most overlooked fruit. The trend calls for a true underdog. . . maybe not the first item we expected to overtake the farmer-market-to-fashion pipeline, but our edible it-girl nonetheless.

Essentially, the “tomato girl” aesthetic revolves around high-end basics, romantic details inspired by the Mediterranean, and of course, a distinct red, white, and green color palette. (Think: fragrant pasta sauce on the Amalfi Coast, or a picnic on a particularly sunny day.) As one beauty maker explained on TikTok, her “tomato girl” look was inspired by “a summer in Italy basking in the sun or looking at house tends grown vegetables in colorful floral dresses.”

But while the tomato girls are already getting hot this summer, not everyone is completely on board. “Unless it’s a sweaty girl or a sweaty mom, I don’t want to hear it — I don’t want to hear about your basket of tomatoes,” said another TikTok user (and it’s a very sweaty summer indeed). Still, the undeniable originality at the core of the “tomato girl” aesthetic would make it arguably the best summer trend yet.

Pick up some of our favorite “tomato girl” pieces and see if we can convince you to give tomatoes the sartorial run they deserve.

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