This digital night vision device retails for less than $100

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TL;DR: From May 14, the Mini Dual Tube Digital Night Vision Binoculars(opens in a new tab) are on sale for just $99.99 instead of the usual $159 – that’s a 37% saving off the list price.

The days may be getting longer, but there’s still plenty of night to enjoy. Whether you go fishing, hiking or camping, a good night vision(opens in a new tab) can range from a cool toy to an essential tool, and you may not have to pay a lot to get a pair. This Mini Dual Tube Digital Night Vision Monocular can help you get a clear view in complete darkness. Buy a pair for $99.99.

Night vision goggles that take photos and record video

Find your favorite fishing spot in the dead of night with these night vision binoculars. Activate the 850nm infrared illuminator and look through the 2.4-inch screen to see clearly even in 100% darkness or low ambient light. Grab some outdoor gear(opens in a new tab) that means birdwatchers don’t have to settle for sleeping owls during the day. You may want to take some caffeine with you if you’re going out all night.

These binoculars have two ways to zoom in. The 10x optical magnification lens gives you sharp long-distance vision, but you can improve that even more with 4x digital zoom. You can even see up to 300 meters in complete darkness with these on.

When you take a photo or record a video, it will be automatically saved to a 32GB TF card provided. If you need more space, your binoculars can support TF cards up to 128 GB. Videos and photos can be captured in different resolutions with a maximum of 4000×3000 for photos and 1440×1080 and 30 frames per second for video. You can even watch your videos right after recording them. Activate the photo, camera or change the zoom and display settings with the silicone buttons on top of the binoculars.

Save on digital night vision goggles

If you want to have a better view at night on your next outdoor trip, bring an affordable pair of night vision goggles.

The Mini Dual Tube digital night vision goggles(opens in a new tab) are on sale for $99.99 (reg. $159).

Prices subject to change.

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