This giant Oreo stool from HomeGoods is TikTok’s latest obsession

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Move over, strawberry stool — TikTok’s latest fix is ​​HomeGoods’ giant Oreo. Following on from previously popular food-themed furnishings like the strawberry, lemon, orange, and corn decor pieces at the home store, the viral Oreo item recently stole the spotlight, thanks to TikTok’s knack for quickly making products famous. The life-sized item features a stack of four large Oreos, which is intended to be used as a side table or seating.

Interior enthusiasts on TikTok started discovering the Oreo stool in early June and have spent the month looking for the coveted item. There’s even a slew of videos documenting customers’ journeys to various store locations in search of the over-the-top pieces.

Their excitement can be felt through the screen as TikTokers share their experiences in search of the Oreo stool in real life. A TikTok user Brooke, known as @brookieeeeee5, describes “one of the happiest days of my entire life” during her exciting discovery. Another TikToker, @beccathemaximalist, called more than 30 HomeGoods stores trying to track down a stool, until she finally found one on clearance due to a small tear. “I don’t care, I’m going to love that thing to death anyway,” she said in her video.

While it’s unclear how long the Oreo stools will be in stores since they can’t be purchased online, it’s best to regularly search your local HomeGoods locations. People are even eyeing Facebook Marketplace to see if they can find it for resale.

Take a closer look at the popular set piece and the enthusiastic reactions of shoppers to finding it.

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