Throwback: Hailey Bieber on ‘silver lining’ of her ministroke while Justin was suffering from facial paralysis

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Hailey Bieber has been enjoying summer as she flaunts her ‘strawberry girl’ era and shares stunning selfies with her fans. The model even posted a get ready with me makeup video on social media after being asked to reveal her routine. But as much as she is glowing and living her life this year, last year was a hard time for both her and her husband Justin Bieber.

Last year, the couple were both dealing with health scares of their own with Hailey going having a ministroke and Justin being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. The socialite then gave an update on a talk show and revealed how the time was hard for them but also acted as a ‘silver lining’ for the couple. Here’s what the Rhode founder had divulged.

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Hailey Bieber about her ministroke and Justin’s facial paralysis

Back in 2022, Hailey was recovering from the ministroke she had in March, and months later, Justin was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome causing facial paralysis. The model appeared on Live With Kelly and Ryan soon after the news came out and updated fans about her and Justin’s health. The skincare line owner had revealed she was still healing from her health scare but was doing better. Hailey went on to explain what had happened to her.

“I had something called a TIA, which is a ministroke. I had a small blood clot that traveled through a hole in my heart that I was born with that never closed and went to my brain. I never knew I had a hole in my heart,” she elucidated. The model added that the procedure closed the whole and though she now had a “device in [her] heart,” Hailey called the process a blessing in disguise but divulged that the health issue had even affected her speech.

“That was really scary. I knew what I was trying to say, but my tongue and my mouth couldn’t form the sentences,” she revealed and added how she had facial drooping and how it was the scariest thing she had gone through. During the 2022 talk show appearance, she also shed light on her husband’s health condition back then. Hailey opened up about how Justin was doing facial exercises and thankfully recovering a lot quicker than expected.

Hailey Bieber on ‘silver lining’ of the health crisis they faced

Hailey acknowledged that both of them were dealing with older illnesses and disclosed that Justin slept with her in the hospital and was there for her when she was going through her health crisis. “I think honestly the silver lining in the whole situation, what I went through, what he went through, is it really bonds you. I feel like we’re closer than ever,” she expressed about her takeaway from the time. This year, the couple has been spotted on several dates.

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