Throwback: When 1975 frontman Matty Healy said dating Taylor Swift would be ’emasculate’

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Taylor Swift is dating 1975 frontman Matty Healy after breaking up with his longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn, according to reports this week. The Sun’s sources claim that although the pair have been dating for less than two months, they are madly in love with each other.

Reportedly, Swift and Alwyn broke up in February, so there was no relationship crossover. According to The Sun’s sources, Matty Healy is heading to Taylor Swift’s upcoming Eras Tour show in Nashville, where the duo will go public with their relationship.

Now, in the midst of all these rumors about their relationship, an old interview video has surfaced where Healy said dating Swift would be “emascling”. Here’s everything you need to know about the interview.

Matty Healy on dating Taylor Swift

When Matty Healy was asked in 2016 if he was afraid of losing himself in a relationship, he answered yes. According to Mirror, he added: “And the reason I mention that is because if I had dated Taylor Swift I would have been, ‘F-king hell! I’m NOT Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. You know,’ FK DAT That’s a man thing too, a emasculating, emasculating thing.’

Taylor and Healy were reportedly linked in 2014, which was further fueled when the 1975 frontman wore a t-shirt from the Back to December merchandise line. Healy also described their entanglement as “flirt” at the time.

Matty Healy received a lot of backlash for his comments at the time and he was quick to defend himself in a series of tweets. He said at the time: “For a very short time I was immersed in a celebrity world that I found confusing and scary. At the time, I was afraid of being ‘someone’s boyfriend’ before I was even recognized for my music or presence as a person. in my right.” The 1975 star further praised Taylor Swift, saying he had great admiration and respect for her.

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