Tom Holland acknowledges negative reviews surrounding The Crowded Room; See what netizens have to say

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Tom Holland is certainly one of the most beloved Hollywood actors who have gained huge fame for portraying Peter Parker in the Spider-Man franchise. Recently, both producer Amy Pascal and Holland shared a promising update for the fourth installment of the Spider-Man franchise.

Right now, Tom Holland is making headlines for his new Apple TV+ series The Crowded Room. The MCU actor previously said that playing Danny Sullivan in this film had taken a mental toll on him and that he was on his acting hiatus. This Apple TV+ series has also received negative reviews and the Netherlands acknowledged them in a recent interview. Here’s everything you need to know about this.

Tom Holland on The Crowded Room negative reviews

Tom Holland’s new Apple TV+ miniseries has received quite a few negative reviews and failed to captivate audiences. Speaking to UNILAD, the Spider-Man actor said, “It’s no secret that my show has been rated so horribly, but I’m here today to promote the show. I’m still here, so I’m very resilient.” However, Holland hopes his series will spark a conversation about sensitive topics like bullying and mental health.

Fan reactions

Fans appreciated Tom Holland’s honesty and acknowledgment of The Crowded Room’s negative reviews. One user wrote: “well done Tom you have to respect your job to be respected. bad work sometimes happens, still a good actor.” Another added, “Fairly respect this, he’s a stand-up guy.”

Over The Busy Room

The Crowded Room revolves around the said character Danny Sullivan (played by Tom Holland) who is arrested for his involvement in a 1979 shooting in New York City. He is interrogated by Detective Rya Goodwin (played by Amanda Seyfried) as she tries to uncover the truth through a series of interviews.

The Crowded Room cast ensemble is all set to release on June 9, 2023 and includes Tom Holland, Amanda Seyfried, Sasha Lane, Will Chase, Emmy Rossum, and Christopher Abbott.

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