Trailer announcing Lili’s appearance in Tekken 8, fans rejoice as they say, “OUR QUEEN MADE IT!”

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The popular character Lili, also known as Emilie de Rochefort, has been confirmed by the developer as part of the Japanese fighting game Teck 8. Keep reading for more details on the announcement, the changes made, and the recently released trailer.

Lili confirmed to be part of it Teck 8

After months of waiting, Bandai Namco has left the developer behind Teck 8, announced that the popular character Lili will be part of the upcoming fighting game. The announcement was made by the official account a few hours ago when the trailer was posted confirming Lili’s appearance. “Un, deux, trois! Lili seeks Salt in #TEKKEN8,” the tweet reads.

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The French fighter was first introduced in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection back in 2005. Lili is known for her ability to deliver long and powerful combos with her flexible and elegant style of fighting as she serves fantastic kicks while looking stunning. In the trailer, the blonde character can be seen running after her cat while saying, “Salt, wait.”

Lili is introduced with the nickname “fighting heiress” while wearing a pink dress and chasing her cat. She continues to run around asking a question as a warning: “You don’t believe, do you…you can beat me?” Lili then beats up the enemies with a series of high kicks, blows and power moves and more sasses: “Have you made an excuse for when you lose?”

She defeats her opponent and sings “Un, deux, trois! Adieu” before picking up her cat, hugging her and remarking, “Oh my little Salt! You are here to celebrate my victory!” Meanwhile, fans lit up with joy after the announcement and also noticed the changes in Lili’s, especially the improvement in her eye and hair design. The players are also excited to see some of the moves, combos, and customization options once the upcoming game releases.

One user wrote: “LILI STANS!!! OUR QUEEN MADE IT! THANK YOU HARADA, I WON’T ASK YOU FOR SH*T ANY MORE [crying face emoji] [red heart emoji]Another said, “Look at my queen! Ready to kill the day and hunt for salt all before tea time [tea emoji],” while a third commented, “She looks WAAAAY better now than she did in Tekken 7. The biggest change here is the eyes, she looks more like an anime girl than before.”

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Teck 8 will be released next year for PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X and Series S. As of now, twelve returning characters have been announced by Bandai Namco, including Lili. It was announced on September 13, 2022 through the PlayStation State of Play.

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