VIDEO: Upasana has tears in her eyes just before the arrival of her baby girl; Ram Charan cannot contain his excitement

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There has not been a recent birth of a star child as celebrated as that of Ram Charan and the daughter of Upasana Kamineni Konidela. The couple welcomed their first child just a few days ago. And the little one has already been called the “little mega princess” by fans and media. Now a video of Upasana just before she went into labor is going viral on social media, and the video is sure to touch your heart.

Upasana gets emotional moments before welcoming her baby daughter

The video shows that Upasana is emotional. Ram Charan also appears at the end of the video, and he is smiling, waiting for his baby to arrive. The clip was shot just before Upasana was delivered. You can tell she’s getting emotional, and it seems like this is one of the very rare times she has tears in her eyes, as said by the person who shot the video.

Ram Charan is excitedly anticipating the arrival of his baby

Ram Charan was also seen in the video towards the end and seemed excited about the birth of his first child. He was all smiles, perhaps a little tense for the baby girl’s birth. Upasana can also be seen as an appreciation for the loved ones who were with her during her delivery. She called them her laughing gas.

In general, the video wins over the Internet, and this shows the excitement the couple had before the birth of their first child. Well, luckily all went well and the little mega princess arrived in this world on June 20, 2023 at the Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad.

Watch the video here:

Upasana has now been released from the hospital and the world is awaiting what the couple have decided to name their newborn. Sure, it’s a moment of happiness for the mega family right now.

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