Vijay Deverakonda misses Kushi co-star Samantha Ruth Prabhu; quips ‘it’s hard promoting love story alone’

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The trailer for the highly anticipated Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha Ruth Prabhu starrer has just been released. The film’s team launched the trailer in a grand ceremony that comprised the film’s cast and crew. One person who was evidently missing from the trailer launch of Kushi was Samantha. The actress is currently on an acting break and has also chosen to skip the Kushi promotional event. 

When asked about Samantha, Vijay had a lot of good things to say about his co-star. He did not hold back in showering praise on the talented actress. 

Vijay Deverakonda candidly revealed he misses Samantha Ruth Prabhu during the Kushi trailer launch

The Dear Comrade actor spoke at length about his admiration for Samantha. He shared that he had admired the Oh Baby actress even before working with her. Vijay also shared that he had admired the actress when he watched Ye Maaya Chesave, which is also Samantha’s debut film. 

The actor elaborated that he continued to admire her as he watched all her other movies. He compared working with Samantha in Kushi to working with an actress you have a crush on or working with someone you love on screen. He also proceeded to state that now that he has worked with her, he knows her personally as well. Vijay then showered praise on the actress and shared that she is working really hard and doing her best. 

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Also, as Samantha was absent from the ceremony, he also touched upon that subject. Samantha’s absence from the film’s trailer launch stood out, as the film rides on her and Vijay’s chemistry. There was a lot of talk about whether the actress would be a part of Kushi promotions or not. But from Vijay’s comments, it seems that she would not take part in the promotional interviews during her acting break. 

Vijay stated that he missed Samantha at the launch event as she is his partner in the film. He also proceeded to say that it is sad that he has to sit on the sofa alone, even though he is promoting a love story. Vijay made it clear that he misses Samantha, but he also added that the actress needs her time and that they are all happy for her. 

He did not stop there. Vijay went on to state that even though the film’s team misses Samantha, they continue promoting the film on her behalf. Before concluding, the actor mentioned that she is an amazing person and has done an incredible job in Kushi. 

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