WATCH: 49ers’ Christian McCaffrey plays keyboard solo at Zach Bryan concert

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San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey has proven his talents on the football field time and time again. On Monday he managed to surprise people again, but this time with his musical talent.

McCaffrey attended country music artist Zach Bryan’s concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, but he embraced a bigger role than just being a fan.

Bryan was named New Male Artist of the Year at the 2023 American Country Music Awards, so it was clear he could handle the show all by himself. However, McCaffrey helped him wow the crowd a little more by going onstage and performing a keyboard solo.

Bryan teased the crowd and said he wasn’t sure McCaffrey would have what it takes, but the two-time Pro Bowler immediately proved himself.

“Cheers to the great @zachlanebryan. You are the man. Appreciate your brother,” McCaffrey tweeted.

The solo was an unexpected surprise, but McCaffrey has been talking about his passion for music for a few years now. There’s one thing we probably shouldn’t expect from him any time soon, though. In a 2019 interview with ESPN, McCaffrey said that he’s written lyrics before, but singing could be the downfall of his music career.

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