WATCH: Escaped lion takes stroll on Karachi’s busy Sharea Faisal

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KARACHI: Panic gripped the area near Aisha Bawany College after a young lion was spotted taking a casual stroll along Karachi’s busiest artery, Sharea Faisal, on Tuesday evening after escaping from a car it was being transferred in. 

The video shows the lion exploring the city as vehicles and people pass by. 

According to Geo News, the lion after escaping then went inside the parking lot of the building. The authorities somehow managed to put the lion inside a cage and sent it to safety. 

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The police who arrived at the location asked the people to maintain their distance and stay away from the big cat. 

The law enforcement officials said that the lion was being transferred in the car when it came out of the vehicle, adding that they had taken the driver of the car into custody. 

The police also added that they are trying to contact the wildlife department officials. 

The driver told the police that the lion got out of the car while he was being transported. 

Wildlife Department’s Deputy Conservator Mumtaz Soomro said that the lion was around two-years-old. 

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